New Haven Railroad Historical Events


Wreck The last major Boat/Bridge collision on the NHRR. At Shaws Cove 3:10 PM boat "NELSECO" hit bridge - knocked in

northerly direction and operator could not close bridge. Bridge operator thrown considerable distance. Northwest fender

heavily damaged and at least one center pin broken. Bridge pushed east about 1 1/2 inches. Bridge ok'd at 6:11 pm for 5

mph. BO-1 held at Boston. All eastbound traffic held at Cedar Hill. ACB-1 and N-1 put on rest at Groton. No. 172 held at

Old Saybrook; No. 20 and Marine Special No. 2, Main 1118 G&R held at New Haven. Marine Special No. 2 lined up to

run Springfield to Boston on Penn Central on account of Marine personal effects on train. Cancelled move to Springfield then

to Boston on clear of bridge. Arrangements made to bus No. 22's passengers Miner's Lane, Waterford to New London and

No. 15's passengers to Miner's Lane. Crews were to swap equipment and these moves cancelled when OK received on bridge.

Milestone Former New Haven Railroad President Frederic C. Dumaine, Jr of Amoskeag Corporation proposes to ICC that all New

England railroads and D&H be merged into a unified system.

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