New Haven Railroad Historical Events


Wreck New Haven Train #506, class I-4 #1383 & 4 cars, derails at Back Bay (Boston), MA. 1 killed, 156 injured.

Milestone The last two steam engines left Waterbury live in tow to Cedar Hill. They were towed by class DEY-5 (RS-1) #0666.

Milestone New Haven RR condems the entire class of I-5 streamlined steam locomotives after 14 years in service.

NH RR 1st First railroad to implement a comprehensive corporate image design program. The now famous Herbert Matter developed

"McGinnis" logo, livery & corporate branding.

NH RR 1st First railroad to operate a passenger train by remote control.

Milestone George Alpert, prominent Boston lawyer and a founder of Brandeis University, where he served as its first chairman from 1946

to 1954, is elected as the 20th President of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, replacing the controversial and

flamboyant Patrick B. McGinnis, who immediately moved on to become President of the Boston & Maine Railroad.

Milestone New Haven lightweight train JOHN QUINCY ADAMS locomotives #3100 & #3101, class EDER-7, begin high speed

testing outside Fairbanks-Morse's Beloit, WI plant.

Milestone The New Haven Railroad completes 23.4 miles of CTC on Maybrook line between Poughkeepsie and Berea. (AR)

Abandonment Line from Putnam, CT to Pomfret, CT abandoned.

Abandonment The New Haven Railroad abandons coach yards at New Rochelle and Port Chester and turns all trains at Stamford; eliminates

use of NYC yard at Mott Haven and does all servicing at New Haven. (AR)

End of Service The New Haven Railroad eliminates 23 of 32 engine servicing facilities. (AR)

End of Service The New Haven Railroad closes hump yards at Hartford, Providence and Maybrook and transfers all work to Cedar Hill. (AR)

Milestone First 129 miles of Connecticut Turnpike open; closely parallels the main line of the New Haven Railroad between New York

and New London. (NYT)

End of Service New Haven retires last lightweight train as part of service cut and returns all New York - Boston service to conventional

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