New Haven Railroad Historical Events


Milestone Poughkeepsie Bridge over Hudson River, Poughkeepsie, New York for the Central New England Railway Company, (New

York, New Haven, & Hartford Railway Co.) Single Track Railway Structure - extensively reinforced. Ralph Modjeski, Chief

Engineer in charge of reinforcement.

Abandonment Line from Boston Corners, NY to Lead Mines, NY abandoned by the Central New England Railway.

Abandonment Line from Shekomeho, NY to Millerton, NY abandoned by the Central New England Railway.

Milestone Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus moves its winter quarters from its long time Wordin Ave facility in Bridgeport,

CT to Sarasota, FL. This included the car shops as well as the animal enclosures. The winter quarters had been located on

Wordin Ave, next to the New York, New Haven & Hartford mainline, since 1872 when Barnum's circus first began to travel

Opening of Service New Haven's New England Transportation Company begins truck service.

Milestone In 1929 Pennroad purchases control of $17.5 million in New Haven securities, $23.6 million in Boston & Maine.

Milestone Edward G. Buckland is elected President of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Company and its Chairman of the

Board following the death of Edward J. Pearson. Buckland is the third individual to hold the office more than once and

making him the 10th and 12th President of the company.

End of Service Last run of the Connecticut Company trolley line between Torrington and Winsted. The same date, the last run of the trolley

line between Thomaston and Waterville. A through bus started operating at the time between Winsted and Waterbury.

Milestone Philadelphia financier and PRR director Jay Cooke named to New Haven Board representing PRR-Pennroad interest.

Bankruptcy New Haven subsidiary Worcester Consolidated Street Railway enters receivership; with reorganization in 1932 passes out of

New Haven system.

Milestone New England Transportation Company trucks adopt slogan "Accept Today - Deliver Tomorrow" for LCL service.

End of Service New Haven subsidiary Hartford & New York Transportation Company discontinues service; tugs and freight barges sold, and

New York-Providence steamer line sold to New England Steamship Company.

Bankruptcy WORCESTER CONSOLIDATED CO. reorganization completed.

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