New Haven Railroad Historical Events


Milestone The rule giving the New Haven Railroad's preferred stockholders the right to elect two thirds of the company's directors

expired. The expiration of this rule set the stage for Patrick McGinnis to mobilize the votes of the New Haven's common

stockholders and thus take the

railroad away from the Dumaine interests, who controlled the preferred shares.

Milestone The New Haven Railroad introduced a special "Family Fare" ticket intended for use by families traveling together as a group.

Under the New Haven's Family Fare ticket structure, one parent was charged full fare, the other parent and children under 22

years of age were charged half fare, children under 12 years of age were charged a quarter fare, and children under 5 years of age

were carried free of charge.

Milestone The so-called "Mechanical Research Committee" met for the first time in the New York Central's offices in New York City.

The Mechanical Research Committee, which was organized by New Haven president Patrick McGinnis, was composed of

officials from the New Haven, New York Central, Chesapeake & Ohio, Baltimore & Ohio, and Pennsylvania railroads plus

representatives from various railroad equipment manufacturers such as

ACF and Pullman Standard. The purpose of the Mechanical Research Committee was to develop a common high-speed

lightweight passenger train design that all the member railroads could buy to take advantage of economies of scale.

Milestone The New Haven Railroad reinstated special half fare tickets for use by members of the clergy. This special fare structure,

called a "clergy fare", which had been traditionally granted by nearly every other American railroad, had been abolished on the

New Haven during the late 1940s by Frederic C. Dumaine Sr.

Milestone During the second week of July 1954 ACF's TALGO demonstrator train finished up a three week test program and exhibition

tour on the New Haven Railroad that began during the last week of June.

Milestone The New Haven held an important management conference at "The Dome" restaurant and conference center in Woods Hole,

MA on July 6, 7, and 8 1955. This management conference came to be called "The Woods Hole Conference". During the

course of the Woods Hole Conference, senior New Haven Railroad executives and consultants presented and discussed the

various initiatives of the McGinnis administration and the various challenges to the railroad such as highway programs and

Wreck The "Federal Express" was wrecked on a sharp curve next to the Jenkins Valve factory at Bridgeport, CT.

Milestone The New Haven's executive committee authorized the lease of 20 SW-1200s from the Electro-Motive Division of General

Motors and 500 50-foot boxcars from Pullman-Standard.

Milestone The New Haven's board of directors approved a stock purchase plan which Patrick McGinnis set up for the railroad's

employees. Under this plan, 200,000 shares of common stock were issued and held in reserve for employees to buy through

regular payroll deductions.

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