New Haven Railroad Historical Events


Milestone J.Pierpont Morgan, Sr. (183 -1913), America's leading investment banker and director of NYC&HR, New Haven, and

numerous other companies, dies in Rome.

Milestone Edward J. Pearson steps down as President of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Company after the Federal

Government takes control of the railroad, so he may take the position of Federal Manager. Federal regulation will not allow

Pearson to hold both offices at the same time. Edward G. Buckland is elected the 10th President and Chairman of the Board

for the duration of Federal control of the company.

Milestone Edward G. Buckland ends his very short second term as President of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad

Company but remains its Chairman of the Board. John J. Pelley is elected the 13th President in his place.

Milestone New Haven authorizes purchase of modern passenger equipment, including 90 coaches, 10 combines and 6 diners.

Milestone New Haven President John J. Pelley testifies before Massachusetts Legislative Committee on Transportation in favor of

merger of New Haven and Boston & Maine; denies he takes orders from PRR.

Abandonment Collinsville, CT to Winsted, CT, abandoned.

Abandonment Winsted, CT to East Canaan, CT, abandoned.

Abandonment Line from Adamsdale Jct., MA to Franklin, MA, abandoned.

1st Bankruptcy Court approved Fifth Supplemental Report and Order in all respects the Plan so certified and confirming the Commission’s

finding that the New Haven common and preferred stock had no value. Appeal prosecuted by Plan Committee, from the

finding that the stock had no value.

Milestone First regular use of diesels (RS-1's) between Bridgeport, CT and Winsted, CT on trains 440/442, 153, 158 and 465 etc.

Diesel operations in the Naugatuck Valley spread fast after this but it was not until the end of the year that the last steam

engines departed from Waterbury for all time.

Milestone A coal miners strike caused major passenger train curtailments all over the system. The trains went back on the following

Service Change Running time of Merchants Limited cut by 20 minutes to 3:55.

End of Service THE NEW YORK, NEW HAVEN & HARTFORD RAILROAD COMPANY discontinues most off-peak Old Colony

passenger trains running via Atlantic as condition of reorganization.

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