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The NHRHTA has produced many New Haven Railroad related items for sale, including publications, videos, calendars, HO-scale kits and other New Haven Railroadiana.


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The NHRHTA has published several books made up from the official files of the New Haven railroad. These diagram books are considered by many to be the finest available for any one railroad.
Currently, one NHRHTA book is in stock:
The New Haven Color Guide -- $29.95 SALE! $15.00
The NHRHTA recently approached the current Shoreliner® printer about printing New Haven Railroad color chips, and the result is this new book. We think you will be pleased with the outcome. The printed chips are contained in a black loose-leaf binder. There is a title page and three pages of text (explaining some of the factors involved in color and color perception), followed by sixteen color chips.
Each color is on a separate page to enable the user to put various colors next to each other to make comparisons. Each page is numbered so that they can be put back in order. The top portion of each page has the color chip, printed to the top, left and right edges of the pages. The top portion of each chip is overcoated with a clear finish, partially to protect the color, and partially to show the difference in perception that a clear finish produces.
The lower portion of each color page shows the New Haven Railroad serial number of the color, the common name of the color, a description of the color, some notes about its use with other colors, the approximate time period used and equipment used on, the New Haven Railroad stock number, and manufacturer's information.
The cost of the book is $29.95 $15.00, plus $7.50 shipping and handling.


The NHRHTA has produced several New Haven Railroad related items for sale. We currently have the following for sale:
Belt Buckle -- $8.00
Our belt buckle design features a line drawing of an I-4 Class Pacific 4-6-2 steam locomotive. The buckle is available in two sizes: Small (for wear with a suit) and Large (for wear with jeans).


SALE!!!  Shoreliners® Volume 18 Issue 1 through Volume 28 Issue 4 are on sale for $3.00 each!  Now is an excellent time to complete your Shoreliner® collection!

The following back issues of the Shoreliner® are available:

Volume 40, Issue 3 - $10.00
Our latest issue, published November 2018
New Haven's Worcester Gateway and the Railroad of Worcester – Part 1” – A detailed history of the New Haven, Boston & Maine and Boston & Albany (New York Central) and predecessor railroad companies in and around Worcester, MA.

Volume 40, Issue 2 - $10.00
Confessions of a Diesel Fireman on the Old New Haven” – Well-known railroader and historian Jack Swanberg shares his experiences in freight service on the Western Roster of the New Haven Railroad in the 1960s.
New Haven Railroad Old Saybrook China Pattern” – A history on this china design that was introduced on the postwar streamlined diners and grill cars.
Hobby TrainsCycle Trains” – Marc Frattasion, with the help of Jack Swanberg, tells the story of the various hobby trains which were offered on the New Haven from the 1930s through 1968.
Yard Check – Photos and Memories” – Photo essay by Richard K. Hurst of uncommon visitors to the small freight yard at Walpole, MA.

Volume 40, Issue 1 - $10.00
Saving the 300” – Railroad Museum of New England Trustee Howard Pincus tells the story of how New Haven EF-4 #300 came to be preserved.
The Boat Race Trains” – Marc Frattasio provides a detailed history, including equipment used, of the Harvard-Yale Boat Race trains.
Crash of Titans – The Collision at Readville, Easter Night, April 21, 1946” – Ed Sweeney tells the story of the deadly crash involving I-4 #1344 and I-5 #1401.
Kent Cochrane's Quest to Film the Maybrook in Steam” – Photo essay of Kent Cochrane's photos taken during the late steam and early diesel era on the Maybrook line (late 1940s).

Volume 39, Issue 4 - $10.00
The 300 Fund” – Fundraiser for the Illinois Railroad Museum to cosmetically restored EF-4 #300 to New Haven colors.
Dining Car China – Platinum Blue” – A history on this china design that was introduced on the New Haven with the upgraded heavyweight Colonial Diners in the late 1930s.
New Haven EF-4 Virginians” – Updated version of C.A. Brown's Vol. 11 Issue 3 1980 article on the history and technical details of the last class of electric freight motors, nee-Virginian Railway, acquired from the Norfolk & Western in the early 1960s.
EF-4 Epilog” – J.W. Swanberg reviews the history of the EF-4s after the end of the New Haven, through the end of freight electrification under Conrail, to the preservation of two units: one at the Roanoke Transportation Museum in VA; and the other at the Illinois Railroad Museum, to be repainted in New Haven colors.

Volume 39, Issue 3 - $10.00
The Parlor Cars – Series 300-324 and Series 400-404” – Detailed history of the post-war parlor fleet.
A Class Act – Right to the End” – Jack Swanberg recalls riding parlor-lounge New Rochelle on the Berkshire July 9, 1967.
Derailed” – The story of the wreck of the Gilt Edge in Westerly, RI, October 25, 1913.
A Day on the Wire Train – Wire Train Part 2” – As reprinted from the December 1948 issue of Along the Line.
Wire Train – October 1939” – As reprinted from Railroad magazine, an artist recalls his experiences while sketching the New Haven's wire train.

Volume 39, Issue 2 - $10.00
“Curiouser and Curiouser...” – A follow-up by Michael J. Ribuffo on living car #8.

The New Haven's Wire Trains” – Detailed article on how the New Haven maintained its catenary between New York and New Haven.
It's a Circus” – A reprint of the July/August 1948 Along the Line article about circus trains on the New Haven.
Ringling Brothers Circus Ends Forever in May 2017” – Noting the end of the 146-year-old institution.

Volume 39, Issue 1 - $10.00
Upstairs, Downstairs – What Might Have Been” – Peter K. Shepherd tells how the post-WWII New Haven also ordered duplex sleepers.
The Hamlet Covered Bridge” – The story of the Woonsocket, RI covered railroad bridge.
The “Point” Pullmans – The New Haven's Luxury Flagship” – The history of the “Point” series stainless steel Pullman cars.
Harry B. Chase, Jr. – 1921-2016” – A memorial to Mansfield, MA resident, who wrote several articles for the Shoreliner. Harry's father was a New Haven railroader.
Thirty Years of New Haven Steam” – Harry Chase shares his 30 years' experience with New Haven steam.

Volume 38, Issue 4 - $10.00
Blackstone – BE: Where the Midland Met the P&W” – Richard K. Hurst provides a detailed history of the railroad and its operations in and around Blackstone, MA.
Providence - Worcester Local Passenger Service” – A summary of local passenger operations on the P&W route via Blackstone through 1956, when service ended. The article makes particular note of the use of Mack FCD railbuses during the last years of operation.
The New Haven and Cupid Helped My Parents Marry” – Harry B. Chase, Jr., discusses how his dad, a New Haven signal maintainer, met and married his mother, a telephone operator in Uxbridge, MA.

Volume 38, Issue 3 - $10.00
“The Manufacturers Railroad in New Haven” – The story of the industrial railroad that served industries along both sides of the Quinnipiac River. Includes details on the motors, steam locomotives and diesels used that served the line.

New Haven's Pioneer Diesel Worked on the Manufacturers Railroad” – Discusses the use of New Haven #0900 on the route.
New Haven Railroad Dining Car Patterns – #2 The Merchants Pattern” – A history on the use of this china pattern in New Haven grill car service.
I Rode the New Haven's 'Harmonica Cars'” – Harry B. Chase shares his memories of riding the gas-electric cars and provides a short history of these cars.

Volume 38, Issue 2 - $10.00
“New Haven Head-End Oddities” – Michael J. Ribuffo tells the story of baggage cars #5405, #5406, #5407, #5307 and living car #8.

Signal Towers” – Jack Swanberg presents a photo feature of New Haven signal towers, featuring photos by Tom Donahue and captions by Peter E. Lynch. Most towers shown are from the Shore Line between New Rochelle, NY, and Boston, plus S.S. E-274 in Springfield, and M-333 Jackson Street and M-334 Franklin Street in Worcester.
Ben Hines, Resident Information Officer” – Richard K. Hurst reviews the New Haven career of Ben Hines. Hines served as the railroad's public face in the Boston area in the late 1950s and 1960s. 4 pages with photos, period news articles and travel guide written by Hines.
Not a Coincidence” – Jack Swanberg explains why U25Bs were typically the lead unit on Maybrook freights in the 1960s.
What's the Story” – Did Bill Aldrich witness the last New Haven steam locomotive in regular service in Pawtucket, RI, in the spring of 1952?
The Best Locomotive Built in New England” – The story of the innovative nineteenth century locomotive designer George S. Griggs and early Boston & Providence locomotives, including the Norfolk. The article includes a review of the B&P's Roxbury Shops in Boston.

Volume 38, Issue 1 - $10.00
“The New Haven Railroad in Providence, Rhode Island” – Edward J. Ozog provides a detailed history of the railroad in and around Rhode Island's capital city.

Volume 37, Issue 4 - $10.00
Did the Pennsy Sharks Ever Make It to Cedar Hill?” – Al Baker poses the question, based on retired New Haven engineer Peter McLachlan's photos of Pennsy sharks taken at Maybrook, NY, February 1, 1961 and notes in Pete's time books.
New Haven 40' Steel Box Cars, Built 1941-1948, and Renumbered Cars” – Detailed history of the New Haven's 40-foot steel box car fleet, built between 1941 and 1948.
My Dad Maintained Cedar's Automated Diamond” – Harry B. Chase tells the story of Cedar junction in Walpole, MA, including experiences with his father, who worked as a signal maintainer in Walpole.
The Chocolate Special” – The story of the July 1, 1922 “Chocolate Special,” run for the Stollwerck Chocolate Co. of Stamford, CT.

Volume 37, Issue 3 - $10.00
The Yankee Clipper Clipper Ship Paintings” – David Bradley provides details on the clipper ship paintings displayed in the Pullman parlor cars used on the New Haven's Yankee Clipper.
The NE-5 Caboose Story” – Detailed history of the New Haven's NE-5 class steel cabooses, built between 1940 and 1944.
New Haven Railroad Dining Car Patterns – #1 Indian Tree” – The story of how this china pattern was used in New Haven Railroad dining car service.

Volume 37, Issue 2 - $10.00
Red Jacket” – The story of one of the Pullman parlor cars used on the New Haven's Yankee Clipper.
The Yankee ClipperFinest Afternoon Train in America” – Marc Frattasio and Tom Curtin present a detailed history of this famous train between Boston and New York City.
The “Clipper Type” Cars” – A review of the Pullman heavyweight observation cars Flying Cloud and Flying Fish, both assigned to the New Haven's Yankee Clipper, as well as the assignments of other Pullman plan 4002 observation cars.
I-4s Decorated for the Yankee Clipper” – Jack Swanberg provides a brief review of the decorations applied to I-4s #1384 and #1391 while in Yankee Clipper service.

Volume 37, Issue 1 - $10.00
The Destruction of the Neponset River Bridge” – The story of how the railroad bridge between Boston and Quincy burned June 22, 1960, severing the rail link between Boston and the South Shore.
Sears Roebuck Garage Shelters” – This innovation allowed the New Haven to set up inexpensive passenger shelters at various eastern Massachusetts railroad stops in the early 1950s.
The Eighty-Six Hundreds” – The history of the New Haven's post-war stainless steel passenger coach fleet.
The Former 8600s Soldier On – East End Service in the Post-New Haven Era” – Discusses how the New Haven's stainless steel coach fleet was used in Penn Central and early Amtrak service of the 1970s, as well as Boston area commuter service in the 1970s and '80s.
One Good Turn Deserves Another” – Jack Swanberg discusses the Pittsfield, MA 75-foot “Armstrong” turntable, with 1930s photos of I-2 #1329 being turned, and, 30+ years later, FL9 #2104 also being turned.
Cab Rides on BX-18” – Harry B. Chase recalls riding the local freight between Taunton, MA, and the Cape four times in 1965 and '66. Features color photos at Taunton, Marion Pit on the Fairhaven branch and at North Falmouth.
John Durley and the New Haven's Early Electric Locomotives” – Photo feature on engineer John Durley and the New Haven's early electrification efforts in the New York City area.

Volume 36, Issue 4 - $10.00
Braintree on the New Haven Railroad” – Detailed history of the railroad in Braintree, MA, an important railroad junction to several branches south of Boston.

Volume 36, Issue 3 - $10.00
Diesels on the Naugatuck Line” – The story of the New Haven's dieselization of the Naugatuck line (Devon – Winsted, CT).
More Than Just Locomotives” – The story of the New Haven's 1930s publicity campaign for the new I-5 locomotives, a morale booster for New England during the Great Depression.
1405 x 3 = 4-4-0 + 4-6-4 + RS-11” – The three New Haven locomotives that carried the number 1405: a B-4, an I-5 and an RS-11.
Locomotive Coaling Facilities Near New Haven's Union Station: Part 2, An Illustrated Supplement” – Illustrated supplement to the previous issue's article on the New Haven, CT, railroad coaling facilities near the city's main passenger station.

Volume 36, Issue 2 - $10.00
"Poling Operation at Nobscot" – The story of one day in 1936 when Mogul #413 poled a box car out of a siding at Nobscot, MA, on the Framingham – Lowell line.

"Across the Tops of the Clouds: Engineering the Maybrook 1905-1960" – Detailed history on the improvements and other changes made to the Maybrook line between Maybrook, NY and Derby Junction, CT.
"Locomotive Coaling Facilities Near New Haven's Union Station" – Detailed information on the development of the railroad coaling facilities at New Haven, CT, near the main passenger station.

Volume 36, Issue 1
Sorry – This issue is out of print.

Volume 35, Issue 4 - $10.00
"The Fishbelly Side Sill Cars – Double Sheathed & Refurbished New Design Single Sheathed" – The story of the New Haven's 15000-16999 and 32000-34399 series box cars. From the Westerfield Golden Age Line Car History.
"Rebuilding Redesigned Box Cars on the New Haven" – February 1928 Railway Mechanical Engineer story on how the New Haven, CT, shops rebuilt many of the New Haven's wooden box cars.
"The Light That Failed – The Wreck of the Owl" – Harry B. Chase presents the story of the wreck of the Owl at Mansfield, MA, on the Shore line on May 23, 1926.
"A Night on the New Haven" – Fran Donovan recalls his experience filling in as third trick operator at Walpole, MA, in November 1935.

Volume 35, Issue 3 - $10.00
"New Haven's Rebuilt Double-Sheathed Box Cars" – As reprinted from the July and September 1988 issues of Mainline Modeler. These box cars were originally in the 72000-84999 and 87000-94750 series.
"Company Service" – One-page photo essay of New Haven rebuilt double-sheathed box cars in work car service.
"Bird Mills – East Walpole on the Wrentham Branch" – Detailed history of a major New Haven customer in East Walpole, MA, with background information on the New Haven's Wrentham branch.

Volume 35, Issue 2 - $10.00
"Toward's Steam's Last Bow – The Uncertain Glory of an April Day" – The story of the Railroad Enthusiasts' April 27, 1952 circle trip from Boston's South Station, Blackstone, Willimantic, CT, Middletown, Cedar Hill, Groton, Plainfield, Providence, RI and back to Boston with I-4 Pacifics #1372 and #1388 on what was expected to be the last steam trains to run on the New Haven.
"Recollections of April 27, 152, Sunday" – By Harry Chase.
"Working at S.S. 227 – Putnam" – Edward Deluca recalls his experiences working at Putnam, CT, and the many railroaders he worked with there.

Volume 35, Issue 1 - $10.00
"Working on the New Haven's DEY-3s (and one DEY-5)" – Jack Swanberg's recollections of working on the nine-hundred switchers and #0621 in the Derby, Waterbury and Hartford, CT, areas in the 1960s.
"New Haven's DEY-3 / DEY-5 Switchers" – Detailed history of the New Haven's Alco S-1 and S-2 switchers (#0931 – #0995 and #0600 – #0621).

Volume 34, Issue 4 - $10.00
"The 50th Anniversary Train Show & Banquet" – Photo essay of the NHRHTA's 50th anniversary reunion November 10th, 2012, in Stamford, CT.
"Wiring Danbury" – The story of the Danbury, CT branch's electrification and operations.
"Your Freight Trains" – The story of the 1958 children's book about the New Haven Railroad written by noted illustrator George F. Zaffo.

Volume 34, Issue 3 - $10.00
"Fall River Cotton Spinners Needed a Railroad" – Detailed history of the railroads of Fall River, MA, including some details on the Fall River Line of steamboats to New York City.

Volume 34, Issue 2 - $10.00
"New Haven 33000 – 33499 Steel Box Cars" – Short history and technical information article about this series of box cars, built in the latter half of 1945.
"The EP-3, New Haven's Ultimate Passenger Box Cab" – Detailed history of the New Haven's EP-3 passenger motors.

Volume 34, Issue 1 - $10.00
"Robert S. McKernan, Sr." – Memorial by J.W. Swanberg for the former New Haven Railroad public relations department head.
"The Union Freight Railroad" – Detailed history by Marc Frattasio and Bill Butler of this Boston waterfront freight railroad.
"Riding the Union Freight Railroad" – Bill Butler's memories of the Union Freight of the 1930s and '40s.

Volume 33, Issue 4 - $10.00
"Long Hours" – J.W. Swanberg recalls the dedication of New Haven employees who kept the railroad running 24x7.
"The New Hartford Branch" – Detailed history of this Connecticut branch line.
"The Husking Bee Trains" – The story of the New Haven's well-known fall excursion trains to Kent, CT, which ran from 1937 until the end of the New Haven in 1968.
"Memories of the Husking Bee Trains" – Retired New Haven employee Kate Quinlan shares her memories working on this festive train.
"My New Haven Railroad" – Bill Butler shares his experiences growing up by the New Haven Railroad in the Boston area.

Volume 33, Issue 3 - $10.00
"West End Freight – The Trains – The New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad in the Port of New York" – story of New Haven freight operations around New York City.
"A Brief Weekend Encounter with a Behemoth" – Wayne Drummond recalls an early experience seeing an EF-3 on the Harlem River branch.
"The Best Laid Plans" – The story of the New Haven's 62000-62014 series 70-ton covered gondola cars.
"Return to Agent – NY,NH&H RR Co., Putnam, Conn." – Brief story on the freight business in and around Putnam, CT, in the late 1960s and early '70s, including Wyckoff Steel, Inc., which used covered gondola cars.

Volume 33, Issue 2 - $10.00
"West End Freight – The New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad in the Port of New York" – story of New Haven freight operations around New York City.
"Problems with Long Island Traffic" – story of the routing of freight traffic to and from the Long Island Rail Road.

Volume 33, Issue 1 - $10.00
"Piggyback on the New Haven" – story of highway trailer on flat car service on the New Haven.

Volume 32, Issue 4 - $10.00
"Selling the High Hoods – Alco vs EMC" – story of the Alco's high hood switchers on the New Haven;
"Cedar Hill Coaling Tower"; and
"Tom's Towers" – story of the various New Haven Railroad towers in which Tom Donahue worked in Connecticut during the 1940s, '50s and '60s.

Volume 32, Issue 3 - $10.00
"Fan Trip Favorites – The Pullman-Bradley Lightweights"; and
"Pullman-Bradley Lightweights".

Volume 32, Issue 2 - $10.00
"The New Haven's Tank Car Fleet"  -- story of the railroad's fleet of tank cars;
"The South Kent Camp Train Wreck" -- describes the investigation into this serious 1940s wreck in western Connecticut;
"Ginger Ale Express -- The New Haven's First 'Unit Train'" -- the story of the special freight service provided to the Clicquot plant in Millis, MA; and
"Genesis of an Equipment Order -- 50' Hydroframe 60 Boxcars".

Volume 32, Issue 1 - $10.00
"The Unusual Saga of K-1-b Mogul 409"  -- story of this steam locomotive's career, including a boiler explosion at Walpole, MA, and its rebuilding;
"Colonial History and the Dining Car Fleet" -- describes the origins of the names used on the New Haven's stainless steel dining cars ordered in 1946;
"Berkshire Junction" -- the story of this important junction on the Berkshire and Maybrook lines in Danbury, CT;
"Pilgrim Tours" -- the story of the New Haven's all-inclusive vacation package program, started in 1939; and
"Signals -- A Trip on the Maybrook Line in the 1960s".

Volume 31, Issue 4 - $9.00
"Railroad Story of Hartford -- Capital of the Constitution State" -- Part II.

Volume 31, Issue 3 - $9.00
"Railroad Story of Hartford -- Capital of the Constitution State" -- Part I.

Volume 31, Issue 2 - $9.00
"The New Haven's EF-3 -- Monster Power Machine" -- The story of the New Haven's EF-3 electric freight motors.

Volume 31, Issue 1 - $9.00
"Fall Foliage on the Canal Line" -- The story of the New Haven's fall foliage fan trips of the 1940s and '50s;
"Some Signals on the New Haven" -- A review of some of the many "typical" types of railway signals used on the New Haven;
"Going, Going, Gone ... Sold to..." -- The story of the New Haven's Harlem River Auction House and the Salvage Department.

Volume 30, Issue 4 - $9.00
"New Haven C-Liner (DER-4) Details" -- J.W. Swanberg photos showing details of the C-Liners;
"New Haven DERS-1b - The Alco RS-1" -- The story of the New Haven's RS-1 fleet;
"DERS-1b Dispositions" -- The story of what happened to the New Haven's RS-1 fleet;
"All in the Details" -- Photo essay showing some of the features common to the New Haven RS-1 fleet.

Volume 30, Issue 3 - $9.00
"New Haven's NE-6" -- The story of the New Haven's NE-6 caboose fleet;
"The Day Taunton Station Came Down on C-700" -- The story of how the historic Taunton, MA, station was wrecked by a passing freight train, and in the process, NE-6 C-700 was destroyed.

Volume 30, Issue 2 - $9.00
"Readville Shops" -- The conclusion of a detailed history on the New Haven's Readville shops outside Boston, MA;
"Readville People: The War Years" -- Photo essay of the people who worked at Readville during World War II.

Volume 30, Issue 1 - $9.00
"Readville Shops" -- Part three of a detailed history on the New Haven's Readville shops outside Boston, MA;
"The Bussey Bridge Disaster" -- Detailed story of the Boston & Providence 14 March 1887 accident in the West Roxbury section of Boston, MA.

Volume 29, Issues 3 & 4
Sorry -- These issues are out of print.

Volume 29, Issue 2 - $5.75
"The TurboTrain Story" -- Part 1 of the history of United Aircraft Corporation's TurboTrain, reviewing its development as well as testing on the New Haven;
"Operations on the Highland 1947 - 1953" -- Reviews passenger and freight operations on the Waterbury - Hartford, CT line during the post-war years;
"Snow Train Finale" -- A postscript to last issue's "Snow Trains" article by J.W. Swanberg, including a letter by Leroy Beaujon.

Volume 29, Issue 1 - $5.75
"Snow Trains" -- The history of the New Haven's winter snow train service on the Berkshire Line and to northern New England;
"PP-716 -- The World's Last DL-109" -- The story of the New Haven's last DL-109, which was used for third rail testing for the McGinnis experimental trains at Dover Street in Boston;
"The Harwich Cranberry Harvest Days" -- Documents the New Haven's participation in publicity leading up to the fall 1955 festival on Cape Cod;
"Vanishing Triangles" -- The story of the New Haven's experimental triangular catenary, still in service but its days numbered.

Volume 28, Issue 4 - $5.75
"The 'I's' Have It" -- The true story behind the designation of the New Haven's 4-6-4 streamlined steam locomotives as the I-5 class;
"Route 128 Station" -- The history of this important Shore Line station on the outskirts of Boston, MA;
"The Bridge at Cohasset Narrows" -- The story of the bridge on the Bourne/Wareham, MA town line, once a draw, but now a fixed span;
"The John Donnelly and Sons Billboards" -- The story of the New Haven's billboard advertising campaign of 1959.

Volume 28, Issue 3 - $5.75
"Bridgeport 1840 - 1990: 150 Years of Railroading" -- The history of the railroad in and about Bridgeport, CT. Includes a color centerspread of three EF-4s with freight passing the Bishop Avenue interlocking;
"A Day with Grampa Wall" -- Ronald Barber, Jr., recalls visiting his grandfather at work, as agent at Forest Hills, MA, at the junction of the Shore Line and Needham branch, in the 1960s.

Volume 28, Issue 2 1997 - $5.75
"High Tech Stuff" -- the story of South Station's 'Telautograph' ;
"Putnam -- Part 2" -- conclusion of the history of the railroads in and about Putnam, CT. Includes a color centerspread of RS-3 #522 on the west side of the Putnam freight house in March 1956;
"Putnam and Fan Trips " -- side bar on fan trips operated via Putnam, CT, in the early 1950s;
"Frederick L. Rowland" -- a tribute to the Assistant to New Haven Railroad president Howard S. Palmer, whose hobbies included photography.  The article includes several of his New Haven photos from the early to mid 1940s.

Volume 28, Issue 1 1997
Sorry -- This issue is out of print.

Volume 27, Issue 4 1996 - $5.75
"How the Melrose Station Got Its Name" -- in East Windsor, CT;
"The New Old Colony" -- photos of the MBTA's grand reopening of Boston commuter rail service from Middleboro and Plymouth;
"Here's the Story?" -- about movie star Jayne Mansfield's ride on the New Haven;
"Old Colony Recollections" -- Former New Haven railroaders Herb Clark and Don Constantineau share their memories of working on the Old Colony in the 1940s and '50s, including color centerspread of RDC-1 #26 at the New Bedford, MA, station;
"Notes on Some Old Colony Stations" -- short histories of many southeastern Massachusetts and eastern Rhode Island railroad stations;
"The New Haven on Revenue Stamps".

Volume 27, Issue 3 1996 - $5.75
"Old Colony Commuter Service -- The New Haven's Problem Child -- Part 3" -- the history of the New Haven's Boston area commuter operations serving Greenbush (Scituate), Plymouth, Middleboro, Cape Cod, Taunton, New Bedford and Fall River.

Volume 27, Issue 2 1996 - $5.75
"Old Colony Commuter Service -- The New Haven's Problem Child -- Part 2" -- the history of the New Haven's Boston area commuter operations serving Greenbush (Scituate), Plymouth, Middleboro, Cape Cod, Taunton, New Bedford and Fall River;
"The Great Zoo Train Operation" -- The story of the New Haven's special excursion trains in the 1950s to the Bronx Zoo.

Volume 27, Issue 1 1996
Sorry – This issue is out of print.

Volume 26, Issue 4 1995 - $5.75
"A Tale of Two Roundhouses" -- in Fall River, MA;
"Postal Cars -- Part 2" -- including color centerspread of an RDC-4 and mates at Buzzards Bay, MA;
"Postal Car Appendices".

Volume 26, Issue 3 1995 - $5.75
"Postal Cars -- How the New Haven Moved the Mails (Part 1)";
"Diesel Pushers on Stormville Mountain" -- on the Maybrook Line;
"You Never Forget Your First Love" -- ALCOs in the Old Saybrook, CT, area.

Volume 26, Issue 2 1995 - $5.75
"Hopewell Junction -- Pushers and Santa Fes";
"Old Timers Can't Believe Diesels Will Replace Hopewell 'Pushers'" -- newspaper article reprint;
"Hopewell Depot Preservation";
"Pushers and Helpers";
"Official! - Part 2" -- more on the story of the New Haven's business cars;
"Planned Progress" -- the 'Educational and Safety Car for Planned Progress'.

Volume 26, Issue 1 1995 -- $5.75 Back in stock!
"Rubber Tire - II" -- More about the New Haven's highway fleet;
"What If...?" -- what may have been in North Webster, MA, if the Southern New England had been built;
"Variations on a Theme" -- the FL-9s' different paint schemes;
"Official! - Part 1" -- the story of the New Haven's business cars.

Volume 25, Issues 1, 2, 3 & 4 1994
Sorry – These issues are out of print.

Volume 24, Issue 4 1993 -- $4.75
"High, Wide & Heavy - Oversize Loads" – about heavy-duty flatcars;
"High & Wide";
"Connecticut's Shepaug Valley Railroad";
"Trolley Stop: James Street Carn Barn" – in New Haven, CT.

Volume 24, Issues 2 & 3 1993
Sorry – These issues are out of print.

Volume 24, Issue 1 1993 -- $4.75
"Van Nest Shops in the 1940s";
"As Others See Us";
"New Haven 820 'Down Under'";
"Good Housekeeping on the New Haven";
"What's the Story? - New Haven Mogul 448;
"Bridgeport Puzzle Switches";
"11-Car Wareham Derailment Interrupts Service to Cape".

Volume 23, Issues 3 & 4 1992
Sorry – These issues are out of print.

Volume 23, Issue 2 1992 -- $4.75
"The Making of a Railroad Man by the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad" - The story of Arthur M. Bixby, Sr., including his training at Readville and Van Nest shops.

Volume 23, Issue 1 1992
Sorry – This issue is out of print.

Volume 22, Issue 4 1991 -- $4.75
"More Than Meets the Eyes" -- Train 136 at Waterbury, CT;
"More on Race Specials";
"Swill Cars";
"Memories of the New Haven's Valley Branch".

Volume 22, Issue 3 1991 -- $4.75
"More Than Meets the Eyes" -- I-5 1409 and EP-3 0359 at New Haven;
"A Tender Story - with a Sad Ending?" -- L-1 tender at Croton, NY;
"Another Survivor" -- I-4-f 1388 tender at New Bedford, MA;
"A Comparison of Super Steam Passenger Locomotives" -- Norfolk and Western class J versus the New Haven I-5;
"Jim Bradley's Pullman Cars Return to Shore Line Rails";
"The Re-manufacture of #0401";
"Yale 14 - Army 12...and a Tradition Ends".

Volume 22, Issue 2 1991 -- $4.75
"The Wreck of the Newport Express" -- at Stoughton, MA, August 4, 1924;
"Riding the Rails in a Diesel Engine on the Worcester to New Haven Run";
"Bank Street Junction, Waterbury 2nd Trick - A Fond Remembrance";
"What's the Story?" -- X-6 class 0-4-0 906 at Plymouth, MA;
"Racetrack Trains" -- to the Narragansett Racetrack in Pawtucket.

Volume 22, Issue 1 1991
Sorry – This issue is out of print.

Volume 21, Issue 4 1990 -- $4.75
"More Than Meets the Eye" -- A-1-a 1284 with passenger train at Platt's Mill, CT;
"Another Way to Boston: The New York & New England in Northern Rhode Island - Part 2";
"The New Haven's Dover Street Yards";
"An Alternative Plan" -- proposed elevated loop to connect Boston's eight railroad stations in the late 1800s.

Volume 21, Issue 3 1990 -- $4.75
"Butterflys to Caterpillars" -- parlor cars converted to coaches;
"The One That Got Away";
"Another Way To Boston: the New York & New England in Northern Rhode Island - Part 1";
"The Survivors, #603 and 610" -- parlor cars converted to coaches in the Jim Bradley collection.

Volume 21, Issue 2 1990 -- $4.75 Back in stock!
"The Southern New England—The Old Grand Trunk";
"Webster, on the Norwich & Worcester Branch";
"Trolley Stop—The Street Railways of Webster."

Volume 21, Issue 1 1990 -- $4.75 Back in stock!
"Trolley Stop: 'Old Maude' and the Southbridge Line";
"Stamford Incident";
"8600s Saved" -- the Railroad Museum of New England saves a few New Haven stainless steel coaches;
"The 150
th Anniversary of the Norwich & Worcester Railroad";
"'Piggyback' - Operation Submarine Base";
"More North of Northampton";
"The View From Broadway Bridge" -- in Boston.

Volume 20, Issue 4 1989 -- $4.75
"South Station - Its Trains: 1904 - 1969";
"Cedar Hill Roundhouse - An Obituary" -- including color centerspread;
"The Headless Horseman" -- automated MU train experiment;
"Pennsy S-1 on the New Haven";
"Trolley Stop: Norwalk Division, Connecticut Company".

Volume 20, Issue 3 1989 -- $4.75 Back in stock!
"South Station - Its Construction, Architecture and History";
"South Station - Its Rulebooks, Employees and Signals";
"Trolley Stop: Trolley Freight and Express in Southern New England - Central Massachusetts".

Volume 20, Issues 1 & 2 1989
Sorry – These issues are out of print.

Volume 19, Issue 4 1988 -- $4.75
"Cape Cod & Hyannis Railroad Ceases Operations";
"Last Passenger From Thompsonville";
"What's the Story?" -- Nacionales de Mexico coach at Dover Street, Boston;
"Railroad Archives at UConn";
"A New Haven Beyer-Garrett in Zimbabwe";
"The McGinnis Trains - The
John Quincy Adams and the Roger Williams";
"Trolley Stop: Trolley Freight and Express in Southern New England - Western Massachusetts".

Volume 19, Issue 3 1988 -- $4.75
"Reunion, 1988";
"In Memoriam - Jim Bradley";
"Trolley Stop: Trolley freight and Express in Southern New England - Eastern Massachusetts";
"The McGinnis Trains - The
Dan'l Webster";
"Wood River Branch Railroad".

Volume 19, Issue 2 1988 -- $4.75
"Here's the Story" -- truck on rails at South Boston;
"Trolley Stop: Trolley Freight and Express in Southern New England - Eastern Massachusetts" -- 'Boston Elevated Railway' and 'Boston & Worcester Street Railway';
"The McGinnis Trains - Development and the A.C.F. Talgo Train".

Volume 19, Issue 1 1988 -- $4.75
"The Circus Comes to Town";
"Modeling the New Haven - The Overland New Haven EY-2";
"On the New Haven...Today" -- 'NH EF-4 #300 Arrives' and 'Boston - New York High Speed Rail';
"Old Colony Northern Division" - including color centerspread of Clinton, MA;
"Medfield Jct.";
"Trolley Stop: Trolley Freight and Express in Southern New England - Eastern Massachusetts - Bay State Street Railway Company"; "The Kid in Upper 4".

Volume 18, Issues 3 & 4 1987
Sorry – These issues are out of print.

Volume 18, Issue 2 1987 -- $3.75
"On the New Haven...Today" -- 'Boston - New York High Speed Rail Update';
"Sharon Hill";
"Westport, Connecticut, September 27, 1935";
"Preservationist's Triumph" -- Stoughton, MA, station;
"South Boston Recollections";
"New Haven Car Floats in Boston Harbor";
"The Motors of Danbury" - including color centerspread;
"Fairbanks Morse on the New Haven";
"It's New Haven!" -- New England Transportation Company bus and truck;
"NOT On the New Haven...Today" -- Brazilian electrics that resemble EP-4s and EF-3s;
"Trolley Stop: The Fair Haven and Westville Railroad - Part II".

Volume 18, Issue 1 1987 -- $3.75
"Modeling the New Haven: Milk Cars on the New Haven";
"The Dedham Branch";
"The Bussey Bridge Wreck - 1887";
"Era of Stripes";
Color centerspread - DL-109 at Springfield;
"On the New Haven...Today" -- Metro-North Commuter Railroad news, 'Cos Cob Obituary';
"Connecticut Valley Railroad Museum News" -- EF-4 saved;
"C.V.R.M. Snow Train";
th Annual Reunion";
Husking Bee - 1986";
"Trolley Stop: The Fair Haven & Westville Railroad - Part I".

Volume 17, Issue 4 1986 and previous issues
Sorry – These issues are out of print.


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