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Latest Issue

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The latest issue of the Shoreliner® is Volume 41, Issue 2. This issue contains the following subjects:

  • “The New Haven Alco PAs” – A detailed history of the New Haven's Alco PA fleet by Jack Swanberg. This is an updated and expanded version of the article which appeared in the Spring 1979 Shoreliner®.

  • “PA-1 (NH DER-3a) Painting and Lettering” – Color diagrams showing the various paint schemes carried by the PA-1s on the New Haven. 

  • “Alco PA Visitors to the New Haven” – Photo page showing the 1947 Freedom Train at Hartford, CT, the 1950 More Power to America Special at Worcester, MA, and A New York Central passenger train at Boston's South Station, all with Alco PAs.

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