Rubber Tire (Highway) Fleet

Shoreliner® Article Index

Volume 18 Issue 2 1987
  • "It's New Haven!" -- One page photo essay showing 1937 model New England Transportation Company motor coach #462 and 1937 model NETCo GMC tractor and trailer.
Volume 24 Issue 2 1993
  • "In a Manner to Which He Was Accustomed" -- The story of Patrick B. McGinnis' hi-rail Cadillac. 2 pages with photos.
  • "New Haven's Rubber Tire Fleet" -- The story of the New Haven's work and revenue highway equipment. 10 pages with photos, plus rear cover photo.
Volume 26 Issue 1 1995
  • "Rubber Tire -- II" -- Photo essay showing some of the New Haven's highway equipment, including high-rail trucks. 4 pages.
Volume 29 Issue 1
  • "Berkshire Street Railway Company Buses" -- Centerspread photo of BSRC buses meeting a snow train south of Pittsfield, MA, in the 1940s.