Connecticut Central (Armory) Line
(Springfield, MA - Melrose, CT - East Hartford - Rockville - Vernon)

Shoreliner® Article Index

Volume 13 Issue 2 1982
  • "Trolley Stop: The Rockville Interurban" -- The story of the trolley lines between Hartford and Rockville, CT, which included electrification of New Haven rails between East Hartford and Rockville. 11 pages with photos, maps, track chart and timetables.
Volume 15 Issue 3 1984
  • "Trolley Stop: The New Haven's Electric Problems" -- Reprint of a January 15, 1904, 'Railroad Gazette' editorial, detailing the current state and problems with the New Haven's various electrified lines, including trolley lines, the Nantasket, MA, branch, the Providence, Warren & Bristol, Norwich - Central Village, CT, Burnside - Vernon - Rockville - Melrose, CT, Middletown - Berlin - Meriden, CT, and New York - Stamford - New Canaan. 3 pages with photos and map.
Volume 16 Issue 4 1985
  • "Commuter Lines with a Future?" -- Short story on plans to extend commuter rail service from Franklin, MA, to I-495 via the Milford branch, to North Easton, MA, via the Stoughton, and to restore service on the Rockville - Hartford, CT line. 1/2 page.