Valley Line
(Saybrook, CT - Middletown - Hartford)

Shoreliner® Article Index

Volume 9 Issue 3 (Summer) 1978
  • "Modeling the New Haven: Modeling a Valley Line Station - Wethersfield, CT" -- Includes recollections of activity at the station. 3 pages with diagrams and photos.
Volume 15 Issue 1 1984
  • "Trolley Stop: The Middletown - Berlin Electrification" -- Reviews the New Haven's experiment with steam railroad electrification on the lines between Cromwell, Middletown, Berlin and Meriden, CT. Also includes a map of the Vernon - Rockville electrification. 7 pages with photos, timetable and maps.
Volume 15 Issue 3 1984
  • "Trolley Stop: The New Haven's Electric Problems" -- Reprint of a January 15, 1904, 'Railroad Gazette' editorial, detailing the current state and problems with the New Haven's various electrified lines, including trolley lines, the Nantasket, MA, branch, the Providence, Warren & Bristol, Norwich - Central Village, CT, Burnside - Vernon - Rockville - Melrose, CT, Middletown - Berlin - Meriden, CT, and New York - Stamford - New Canaan. 3 pages with photos and map.
Volume 16 Issue 1 1985
  • "On the New Haven...Today -- Preservation" -- Discusses the Connecticut Valley Railroad Museum's efforts to preserve various pieces of New Haven passenger and freight equipment. 2 pages with photos.
Volume 16 Issue 2 1985
  • "On the New Haven...Today: P&W, V.R.R. Steam Day" -- Discusses the Providence & Worcester Railroad's 'Valley Railroad Steam Special' April 27, 1985, operated between Worcester and the Valley Railroad in Essex, CT. 1 page with photos.
Volume 16 Issue 3 1985
  • "Crossing Shanty Dedicated" -- The story on how Phil Paradis and the Connecticut Valley Railroad Museum saved the Shoves Crossing, North Uxbridge, MA, shanty, now preserved on the Valley Railroad in Essex, CT. Also includes the story of crossing tender Robert Shatos. 2 pages with photos.
Volume 16 Issue 4 1985
  • "On the New Haven...Today" -- Two short stories detailing the Connecticut Valley Railroad Museum's acquisition of former New Haven DERS-2c (RS-3) #529, U-25B #2525 and FA-1 #0401, and a nother story on the CVRM's October 26, 1985 Railfan's Day. 2-1/2 pages with photos.
Volume 22 Issue 4 1991
  • "Memories of the New Haven's Valley Branch" -- Memories of John Wallace, who grew up near the Valley Branch in Wethersfield, CT and helped out the local crews as a teenager. The article discusses many Valley line employees. 33 pages with map and photos, including color steam from the late 1940s, cover photo and color centerspread.
Volume 23 Issue 1 1992
  • "Images of the Valley Branch...A Visual Postscript" -- A photo essay on typical scenes from the 1940s on the Valley line between East Hartford and Chester. 8 pages.
  • "Unit Coal Trains and a Chloride Train on the Valley Branch" -- Memories of working the Valley branch by J.W. Swanberg. 1 page.
  • "Whistle Artist" -- John Wallace remembers engineers' artistry with the whistle areound Middletown, CT, and a chance comparison between a K-1 mogul on a Valley local and an R-1 on an Air line local. 4 pages with photos.
Volume 26 Issue 2 1995
  • Cover photo of a carnival train as it passed through Cromwell, CT in July 1957.
Volume 27 Issue 1 1996
  • "Steam Up the Valley -- A Foreshadowing of Future Events?" -- The story of steam railfan excursions on the Valley branch in the late 1940s and early 1950s. 4 pages, with photos.