Old Colony Northern Division
(Mansfield, MA - Framingham - Marlboro - Fitchburg - Lowell)

Shoreliner® Article Index

Volume 19 Issue 1 1988
  • "Old Colony Northern Division" -- History of the rail lines between Mansfield, Framingham, Marlboro, Fitchburg and Lowell. Includes photo features on Framingham, Medfield Junction and Walpole. 20 pages with photos (some color, including color centerspread at Clinton, MA) and maps.
Volume 19 Issue 2 1988
  • "Trolley Stop: Trolley Freight and Express in Southern New England -- Eastern Massachusetts" -- Includes service on the Boston Elevated Railway and the Boston & Worcester Street Railway, with a photo at Framingham. Included is a short discussion of the 1919 molasses disaster in Boston. 4 pages with photos, map, route list and roster.
Volume 20 Issue 3 1990
  • "Trolley Stop: Trolley Freight and Express in Southern New England -- Central Massachusetts" -- The story of trolley freight operation on the Worcester Consolidated Street Railway, including the Fitchburg area. 5 pages with photos.
Volume 25 Issue 1 1994
  • "Memories of Medfield Junction" -- Donald E. Penniman and L. Darrow Park recall growing up near the junction in the 1930s and '40s. 17 pages with photos.
Volume 28 Issue 1 1997
  • "One Car Trains" -- Southboro, MA, photo of 4-4-0 #1271 with single coach enroute from Framingham to Marlboro on August 8, 1934. 1 page.
Volume 32 Issue 2
  • "Ginger Ale Express -- The New Haven's First 'Unit Train'" -- Reviews the precedent-setting special freight train operated by the New Haven for the Clicquot Club Ginger Ale Company between Millis and Lowell, MA, starting July 16, 1927. 7 pages with map and photos.
Volume 35 Issue 4
  • "The Light that failed -- The Wreck of the Owl" -- The story of the Mansfield, MA May 23rd, 1926 wreck of the sleeping car train Owl. 16 pages with photos, map and drawings.
  • "A Night on the New Haven Railroad" -- Fran Donovan recalls filling in one night in November 1935 as 3rd trick operator at Walpole, MA. 4 pages with photos, map and drawings.
Volume 36 Issue 2
  • "Poling Operation at Nobscot" -- A day in 1936 at Nobscot, MA, as Mogul #413 poles a box car out from a siding. 1 page with photos.
Volume 37 Issue 4
  • "My Dad Maintained Cedar's Automated Diamond" -- Harry B. Chase discusses the history of Walpole Junction (Cedar) in Walpole, MA, including his dad's experiences maintaining the signals there, as well as Harry's memories of the junction. 8 pages, including photos, maps and diagrams.
Volume 40 Issue 2
  • "Yard Check – Photos and Memories" -- Richard K. Hurst shares his photos on unusual visitors to the Walpole, MA yard in the 1960s. 1 page with photos.


New Haven Mechanical Department Facilities Maps -- Revised Edition

Includes a 1939 map of Framingham, MA. 1 page.