Berkshire Line
(Danbury, CT - Canaan - Pittsfield, MA)

Shoreliner® Article Index

Volume 9 Issue 4 (Fall) 1978
  • "Trolley Stop: Berkshire Street Railway" -- The history of this New Haven-controlled trolley system. 9 pages with photos, map and roster.
Volume 10 Issue 3 1979
  • "The Berkshire Line" -- The history of the Berkshire line. 19 pages with photos (including front cover) and map.
Volume 14 Issue 3 1983
  • "Trolley Stop: The Cord Wood Locomotive" -- The history of the Berkshire Street Railway's diminuitive electric locomotive #030. 1 page with photos.
Volume 14 Issue 4 1983
  • Front cover photo of RS-3s #533 and #527 running light at Canaan, CT in March 1968.
  • Rear cover photo of Mogul #388 crossing the diamond with freight southbound at Canaan, CT.
Volume 16 Issue 1 1985
  • Inside cover 1/2-page photo of newly-delivered RS-2 #0503 at Pittsfield, MA, December 14, 1947.
Volume 16 Issue 4 1985
  • "Trolley Stop: The 3200s" -- The story of the Connecticut Company's 3200-series (nee-Berkshire Street Railway 300-series) lightweight double-truck Osgood Bradley cars, built in 1926. 3 pages with photos.
Volume 17 Issue 2 1986
  • "The Danbury and Norwalk Railroad -- A Successful Enterprise -- Part III" -- Covers the years (1886 - 1892) the Danbury & Norwalk was leased by the Housatonic Railroad. 9 pages with photos, timetable and map.
Volume 19 Issue 4 1988
  • "Trolley Stop: Trolley Freight and Express in Southern New England -- Trolley Express and Freight in Western Massachusetts" -- The history of trolley freight and express in the Connecticut River valley and on the Berkshire Street Railway. 8 pages with maps and photos.
Volume 25 Issue 3 1994
  • "Camp Trains on the Berkshire" -- Side bar to "New Haven's Unique FL-9s", this short article describes the camp trains of the 1960s on the Berkshire Line. 1 page with 2 photos.
  • "FL-9s at Pittsfield" -- Photo essay, as a side bar to "New Haven's Unique FL-9s". 2 pages.
Volume 29 Issue 1
  • "Snow Trains" -- Reviews the New Haven's snow train operations of the 1930s through the 1950s. Much of this service operated on the Berkshire line. 16 pages with photos and adveritising material.
  • "Berkshire Street Railway Company Buses" -- Centerspread photo of BSRC buses meeting a snow train south of Pittsfield, MA, in the 1940s.
Volume 29 Issue 2
  • "Snow Train Finale" -- A postscript to the previous issue's "Snow Trains" article by J.W. Swanberg, including a letter by Leroy Beaujon. 2 pages.
Volume 31 Issue 1
  • "Some Signals on the New Haven" -- A review of the various signal types used on the New Haven, as told in photos taken by T.J. Donahue.  Includes a photo of the interlocking signals at Canaan, CT.  9 pages.
Volume 32 Issue 1
  • "Berkshire Junction" -- The story of this important New Haven junction outside Danbury, CT, between the Maybrook Line and the Berkshire Line. 11 pages, with map and color photos, including a centerspread.
Volume 32 Issue 2
  • "The South Kent Camp Train Wreck" -- The story of this tragic train wreck on the Berkshire Line August 28. 1941. 7 pages with photos.
Volume 33 Issue 3
  • "The Best Laid Plans" -- The story of the New Haven's 62000-62014 series 70-ton covered gondola cars, ordered by the New Haven in the late 1950s to retain and recapture the brass trade in the Waterbury and New Milford, CT, areas. 6 pages with diagram and photos.
Volume 33 Issue 4
  • "The Husking Bee Trains" -- The story of these popular fall "hobby" trains, which operated between New York City and Kent, CT, from 1937 into the 1960s. Also discussed is the Husking Bee run on one occasion between Boston, MA, and Barnstable on Cape Cod in October 1948. 9 pages with map, advertisements and photos.
  • "Memories of the Husking Bee Trains" -- Kate Quinlan shares her memories working as a grill car attendant on the Husking Bee trains of the 1940s, '50s and '60s. 2 pages with photos.
Volume 34 Issue 4
  • "Wiring Danbury" -- The story of the Danbury branch's electrification and operations. 29 pages with photos and diagram, including cover photo and color centerspread.
Volume 37 Issue 1
  • "One Good Turn Deserves Another" -- Jack Swanberg discusses the New Haven's Armstrong turntable at Pittsfield, MA. 2 pages with with map and photos of I-2 #1329 on the turntable in the 1930s, and color photos of FL9 #2014 on the turntable July 9, 1967.
Volume 39 Issue 3
  • "A Class Act -- Right to the End" -- Jack Swanberg shares his memories of riding the parlor car New Rochelle on the Berkshire line July 9th, 1967. 1 page with photo at Pittsfield, MA.
Volume 40 Issue 2
  • "Confessions of a Diesel Fireman on the Old New Haven" -- Jack W. Swanberg recalls his years in the 1960s as a New Haven fireman on the Western roster, including some time on the Berkshire line. 18 pages with many photos, most in color.


New Haven Mechanical Department Facilities Maps -- Revised Edition


  • Danbury, CT (1941 map). 1 page.

  • State Line, MA (1956 map). 1 page.

  • Pittsfield, MA (1956 map). 1 page.