Shore Line
(New Haven, CT - Saybrook - New London - Westerly, RI)

Shoreliner® Article Index

Volume 11 Issue 1 1980
  • "Trolley Stop: Connecticut Company Eastern Lines" -- A look at the New London Division. 7 pages with photos and map.
Volume 12 Issue 1 1981
  • "Railroad Tunnels of Connecticut" -- Includes tunnels in Newtown (2), Washington, Norfolk, Terryville, East Haven, Hartford, Bolton Notch, Taftville and Norwich (2). 8 pages with photos and maps.
Volume 12 Issue 2 1981
  • "Midway" -- The history of this major yard which was located in Groton, CT. 9 pages with photos and maps.
Volume 12 Issue 3 1981
  • "Thames River Railroad Ferries: The Shore Line Afloat" -- The story of the railroad ferries across the Thames River between Groton and New London, and the effort to bridge this last gap in the Shore Line between New York and Boston. 7 pages with photos and maps.
Volume 14 Issue 1 1983
  • "Trolley Stop: The Groton and Stonington Street Railway" -- The history of trolley service along the southeastern Connecticut coast. 6 pages with photos, map and roster.
  • Rear cover photo of R-1 #3341 pulling east out of Fair Haven, CT, on an extra Boston freight at dusk on a cold January day in 1948.
Volume 14 Issue 2 1983
  • "Signalling on the Shoreline" -- Discusses the various signal systems and installations used along the Shore Line between New Haven and Providence during the New Haven years. 12 pages with photos, maps and diagram.
Volume 14 Issue 4 1983
  • "Modeling the New Haven: Midway's Water Tank" -- Instructions on how to build an HO scale model of the water tank at Midway, CT. 3 pages with photos and diagrams.
Volume 15 Issue 2 1984
  • Inside cover 1/2-page photo of R-1-b #3348 westbound with freight at Leete's Island, CT, in February 1948.
  • "Trolley Stop: From A to Z in New Haven" -- A photo review of the various trolley routes which served New Haven, CT, including Branford. 9 pages with photos, car assignment list and map.
Volume 16 Issue 2 1985
  • "On the New Haven...Today: P&W, V.R.R. Steam Day" -- Discusses the Providence & Worcester Railroad's 'Valley Railroad Steam Special' April 27, 1985, operated between Worcester and the Valley Railroad in Essex, CT. 1 page with photos.
Volume 16 Issue 3 1985
  • Inside cover 1/2-page photo of I-4 #1387 assisting a diesel-hauled freight with a push out of East New Haven, CT, in 1947.
  • "Trolley Stop: Transportation Center" -- Discusses trolley service to the New London, CT, station. 1 page with photos.
Volume 16 Issue 4 1985
  • Rear cover photo of FA-1 #0427 in orange and pinstripes with freight at Rocky Neck, CT, in August of 1948.
Volume 18 Issue 1 1987
  • Cover photo of DL-109 #0738 in orange and pinstripes at North Haven cabin, 1948.
  • Inside cover photo of FA-1 #0417 in orange and pinstripes with freight at Shoreline Junction, circa 1950.
Volume 18 Issue 3 1987
  • Inside cover photos of PA-1 0769 and sister with the Yankee Clipper at Shoreline Junction, circa 1949, and PA-1 0786 and sister with passenger train coming off the Connecticut River drawbridge at Old Saybrook, CT, circa 1949.
  • "Trolley Stop: Trolley Express and Freight Service in Southern New England -- Part I" -- The history of trolley freight and express handled in Connecticut. Includes a discussion of the Groton & Stonington and Norwich & Westerly street railways. 8 pages with photo, timetable and map.
Volume 19 Issue 4 1988
  • Front cover photo of three RS-3s led by #518 with freight passing through Fair Haven, CT, in the summer of 1957.
Volume 20 Issue 1 1989
  • "Westbrook Passing" -- Side bar to "The McGinnis Trains -- Conclusion", showing a meet of the Dan'l Webster and John Quincy Adams at Westbrook, CT. 1-1/2 pages with photos.
Volume 21 Issue 1 1990
  • "'Piggyback' -- Operation Submarine Base" -- The story of a Civil Defense test train carrying fire fighting equipment to Groton, CT, run on May 19, 1957. 6-1/2 pages, including photos.
Volume 22 Issue 2 1991
  • "Riding the Rails in a Diesel Engine on the Worcester to New Haven Run" -- Reprint of a Worcester Sunday Telegram Feature Parade article from May 30, 1948, about the new Alco FA/FB 0400s replacing steam on the New Haven. 4 pages with photos.
Volume 22 Issue 3 1991
  • Front cover photo of PA-1 0769 and sister with a westbound Shore Line passenger train at Leete's Island on March 17, 1957.
  • "Jim Bradley's Pullman Cars Return to Shore Line Rails" -- The Pullman car collection of the late Jim Bradley of Stonington, CT, returns to the rails for the trip to the Railroad Museum of New England. 2 pages with photos.
  • Rear cover photo of DL-109s 0704 and 0705 in their original green pinstrips schemes with a westbound passenger extra at East Haven, CT, late in 1947.
Volume 23 Issue 2 1992
  • "The Making of a Railroad Man by the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad" -- The recollections of Arthur M. Bixby, Sr., who apprenticed 3 years in the mid-1920s and worked 14 years on the New Haven, including extensive training at the Readville, MA, shops and the Van Nest electric shops. Includes a brief discussion of steam locomotive coal tests at Midway, CT. 40 pages, including photos.
Volume 26 Issue 2 1995
  • "Pushers and Helpers" -- Photo essay of helper service used on various parts of the New Haven, including assisting freights out of Cedar Hill yard to Branford. 5 pages.
Volume 26 Issue 3 1995
  • "You Never Forget Your First Love" -- Childhood memories of trains on the Shore Line at Saybrook, CT. 2 pages with photos.
Volume 28 Issue 2 1997
  • Inside cover photos of local Shore Line freights at Saw Pit crossing in Guilford, CT, on August 1, 1944.
  • "Frederick L. Rowland" -- The story of the former Assistant to New Haven Railroad President Howard S. Palmer, and his interest in photographing the New Haven. 4 pages, with photos of Shore Line trains in Guilford and West Haven, CT.
Volume 29 Issue 2
  • "The TurboTrain Story" -- Part 1 of the history of United Aircraft Corporation's TurboTrain, reviewing its development as well as testing on the New Haven's Shore Line. 20 pages with photos (including cover and some color) and diagrams.
Volume 31 Issue 1
  • "Some Signals on the New Haven" -- A review of the various signal types used on the New Haven, as told in photos taken by T.J. Donahue.  Includes signal photos along the Shore Line.  9 pages.
Volume 35 Issue 2
  • "Toward Steam's Last Bow" -- Tom Curtin tells the story of the Railroad Enthusiasts' round trip steam excurion from Boston's South Station April 27, 1952, with I-4s #1372 and #1388. The two special trains operated South Station - Blackstone - Putnam, CT - Willimantic - Middletown - Cedar Hill - Groton - Plainfield - Providence - South Station. 23 pages with photos and map.
  • "Recollections of 27 April 1952, Sunday" -- Harry Chase recalls riding the April 27, 1952 RRE steam excursion. 4 pages with photos.
Volume 37 Issue 2
  • "The Yankee Clipper -- Finest Afternoon Train in America" -- A detailed history on this famous Boston - New York City train. 33 pages with photos, many in color, advertising material and train artifacts.
Volume 38 Issue 2
  • "Signal Towers" -- Jack Swanberg presents a photo feature of New Haven signal towers, featuring photos by Tom Donahue and captions by Peter E. Lynch. Most towers shown are from the Shore Line between New Rochelle, NY, and Boston, plus S.S. E-274 in Springfield, and M-333 Jackson Street and M-334 Franklin Street in Worcester. 8 pages with all color photos.
Volume 40 Issue 1
  • "The Boat Race Trains" -- Marc Frattasio provides a detailed history, including equipment used, of the Harvard-Yale Boat Race trains. The boat races were typically run along the lower Thames River near New London, CT. 16 pages with photos, advertising, timetables and car diagram.


New Haven Mechanical Department Facilities Maps -- Revised Edition


  • Cedar Hill Terminal (maps and photos, including one panoramic view and 2 1954 aerial photos). 6 pages.

  • New London, CT (1953 map). 1 page.