Shore Line
(Westerly, RI - Kingston - Providence)

Shoreliner® Article Index

Volume 14 Issue 2 1983
  • "Signalling on the Shoreline" -- Discusses the various signal systems and installations used along the Shore Line between New Haven and Providence during the New Haven years. 12 pages with photos, maps and diagram.
Volume 15 Issue 1 1984
  • Inside cover 1/2-page photo of I-4 #1395 with the Shoreliner at Kingston, RI, on July 2, 1931.
Volume 15 Issue 4 1984
  • "Trolley Stop: Rhode Island Connections" -- The histories of the Sea View Railroad, Narragansett Pier Railroad and Newport and Wickford Railroad and Steamboat Company, and their relationships with the New Haven. 5 pages with photos.
Volume 16 Issue 1 1985
  • Front cover photo of DL-109 #0730 with freight at Cranston, RI.
Volume 18 Issue 4 1987
  • "Trolley Stop: Trolley Express and Freight Service in Rhode Island" -- The history of trolley freight and express handled by the Rhode Island Company, United Electric Railways, and other Rhode Island trolley lines. 10 pages with photos, roster and map.
Volume 19 Issue 3 1988
  • "Wood River Branch Railroad" -- The history of this Rhode Island short line railroad. 6 pages with photos, map and timetable.
  • "Highlights in the Life of a Shortline Railroad" -- Historic dates in the history of the Wood River Branch Railroad. 3-1/2 pages.
Volume 20 Issue 3 1989
  • "More Wood River Branch Railroad" -- Two more interesting photos turn up of this Rhode Island short line railroad. 1/2 page with photos.
Volume 24 Issue 2 1993
  • "Shore Line Wreck -- Detour Routing" -- The story of a January 1964 freight derailment on the Shore Line at Westerly, forcing Shore Line traffic to detour via Providence - Plainville - Groton. 8 pages with some color photos, including many photos of the wreck.
Volume 29 Issue 2
  • "The TurboTrain Story" -- Part 1 of the history of United Aircraft Corporation's TurboTrain, reviewing its development as well as testing on the New Haven's Shore Line. 20 pages with photos (including cover and some color) in New York and Connecticut and diagrams.
Volume 37 Issue 2
  • "The Yankee Clipper -- Finest Afternoon Train in America" -- A detailed history on this famous Boston - New York City train. 33 pages with photos, many in color, advertising material and train artifacts.
Volume 38 Issue 2
  • "Signal Towers" -- Jack Swanberg presents a photo feature of New Haven signal towers, featuring photos by Tom Donahue and captions by Peter E. Lynch. Most towers shown are from the Shore Line between New Rochelle, NY, and Boston, plus S.S. E-274 in Springfield, and M-333 Jackson Street and M-334 Franklin Street in Worcester. 8 pages with all color photos.
Volume 39 Issue 3
  • "DERAILED" -- The story of the wreck of the Gilt Edge at Westerly, RI, October 25th, 1913. 4 pages with photos.


New Haven Mechanical Department Facilities Maps -- Revised Edition

Includes Northrup Avenue (photos, including one 1954 aerial photo, and map), Charles Street (1954 aerial photo and map), and Providence station (1954 aerial photo) areas. 6 pages.