Springfield Line
(New Haven, CT - Hartford - Springfield)

Shoreliner® Article Index

Volume 8 Issue 2 (Spring) 1977
  • "Wallingford's Railroads ... From 1833 to 1970" -- The history of the railroad in Wallingford, CT. 7 pages with photos and map.
Volume 11 Issue 4 1980
  • "Trolley Stop: To Windsor in Winter" -- Winter operations on the Connecticut Company's Hartford - Windsor line in the late 1930s. 2 pages with photos and map.
Volume 13 Issue 1 1982
  • "Trolley Stop: The United States Armory Railroad in Springfield" -- The story of this electrified freight line, which interchanged with the Springfield Street Railway and the New Haven's Highland Division. 4 pages with photos and map.
Volume 15 Issue 1 1984
  • Front cover photo of PA-1 #0779 with a passenger train south of Berlin, CT. in April 1960.
  • "Trolley Stop: The Middletown - Berlin Electrification" -- Reviews the New Haven's experiment with steam railroad electrification on the lines between Cromwell, Middletown, Berlin and Meriden, CT. 7 pages with photos, timetable and maps.
Volume 15 Issue 3 1984
  • "Trolley Stop: The New Haven's Electric Problems" -- Reprint of a January 15, 1904, 'Railroad Gazette' editorial, detailing the current state and problems with the New Haven's various electrified lines, including trolley lines, the Nantasket, MA, branch, the Providence, Warren & Bristol, Norwich - Central Village, CT, Burnside - Vernon - Rockville - Melrose, CT, Middletown - Berlin - Meriden, CT, and New York - Stamford - New Canaan. 3 pages with photos and map.
  • "On the New Haven...Today: The Inland Route" -- Presents a brief history of the Inland Route (Boston - Springfield - New Haven) and Amtrak's plans to improve service on this route. 1-1/3 pages with photo.
Volume 18 Issue 1 1987
  • "Era of Stripes" -- Story on the short-lived pinstripe paint schemes of the early post-World War II years. 6 pages with photos, some color including centerspread photo of DL-109 #0748 in yellow stripes at Springfield, MA.
Volume 18 Issue 3 1987
  • "Springfield -- End of the Line" -- The New Haven's operations in and around Springfield, MA, in the 1960s. 12 pages with photos, some color, and map.
  • "Trolley Stop: Trolley Express and Freight Service in Southern New England -- Part I" -- The history of trolley freight and express handled in Connecticut, including the Hartford area. 8 pages with photo and map.
Volume 19 Issue 3 1988
  • Front cover photo of I-4 1369 with a passenger train westbound at Holt's Hill, Meriden, CT, in 1940.
Volume 19 Issue 4 1988
  • "Last Passenger from Thompsonville" -- Scott Hartley's story of being the last passenger at the Thompsonville, CT, station, closed on October 25, 1986. 1-1/2 pages with photos.
Volume 20 Issue 1 1989
  • Front cover photo of H-16-44 #1600 and sister with a Springfield line passenger train at Berlin, CT, on August 30, 1957.
  • "New Haven Employees" -- Group photo of employees working at the East Hartford engine terminal, along with notes about some of the employees. 1/2 page with photo.
Volume 22 Issue 1 1991
  • "The Unused Hampden Railroad" -- The story of the rail connection that was built between Springfield and the Boston & Maine's Central Massachusetts branch but never used. 10 pages with photos and maps.
Volume 23 Issue 1 1992
  • "Both Engines Digging In!" -- June 1940 photo of two J-class Mikados straining with a Canal line freight at New Britain, CT. The Canal line freights ran Cedar Hill to North Haven Junction, to Berlin Junction, to New Britain, to Plainville and then north on the Canal line. 1 page.
Volume 23 Issue 3 1992
  • "Alarums and Excursions" -- A dramatic photo of I-4 1378 as she explodes past the Berlin, CT, station with Train 68, New York - Springfield in 1940. 1 page.
Volume 23 Issue 4 1992
  • "Better Late Than Never" -- A tribute to the Brooks Street crossing shanty in Meriden, CT. 2 pages, including rear cover painting.
Volume 27 Issue 2 1996
  • "The Great Zoo Train Operation" -- The story of the New Haven's special Zoo Train excursions of the late 1950s and '60s to the Bronx Zoo. The article focuses on the Bronx, but some of the Zoo Trains operated over the Springfield Line. 10 pages.
Volume 31 Issue 3
  • "Railroad Story of Hartford -- Capital of the Constitution State -- Part I" -- The story of the railroad history of Hartford, CT. 35 pages, including front and inside cover photos and maps.
Volume 31 Issue 4
  • "Railroad Story of Hartford -- Capital of the Constitution State -- Part II" -- Conclusion to the railroad history of Hartford, CT. 35 pages, including front and inside cover photos.
Volume 32 Issue 4
  • "Tom's Towers" -- A review of the various towers in which T.J. Donahue operated during the 1940s, '50s and '60s, including the North Haven cabin on the Springfield line. 12 pages with color photos.
Volume 38 Issue 2
  • "Signal Towers" -- Jack Swanberg presents a photo feature of New Haven signal towers, featuring photos by Tom Donahue and captions by Peter E. Lynch. Most towers shown are from the Shore Line between New Rochelle, NY, and Boston, plus S.S. E-274 in Springfield, and M-333 Jackson Street and M-334 Franklin Street in Worcester. 8 pages with all color photos.


New Haven Mechanical Department Facilities Maps -- Revised Edition


  • Cedar Hill Terminal (maps and photos, including one panoramic view and 2 1954 aerial photos). 6 pages.

  • Meriden, CT (map). 1 page.

  • Hartford, CT (aerial 1954 photograph of the Hartford locomotive facilities and 2 maps). 2 pages.

  • Springfield, MA (aerial 1954 photograph and 1939 map). 2 pages.