Norwich & Worcester Line
(Groton, CT - Norwich - Plainfield - Putnam - Webster, MA - Worcester)

Shoreliner® Article Index

Volume 4 Issue 4 (Fall) 1973
  • "Norwich and Worcester Branch Operations" -- Discusses the history of New Haven freight and passenger operations. 4 pages with photos.
Volume 11 Issue 1 1980
  • "Trolley Stop: Connecticut Company Eastern Lines" -- A look at the New London Division. 7 pages with photos and map.
Volume 11 Issue 2 1980
  • "Trolley Stop: Connecticut Company's New London Division" -- Reviews eletrified trolley operations on the Norwich & Worcester railroad line between Taft Junction and Central Village. 10 pages with photos, maps and roster.
Volume 12 Issue 1 1981
  • "Railroad Tunnels of Connecticut" -- Includes tunnels in Newtown (2), Washington, Norfolk, Terryville, East Haven, Hartford, Bolton Notch, Taftville and Norwich (2). 8 pages with photos and maps.
Volume 12 Issue 2 1981
  • Front cover photo of Y-3 #3414 on the Norwich & Worcester at Worcester, MA, on June 23, 1950.
  • "The Southbridge Branch" -- The history of this 11-mile branch. 9 pages, with photos, map, roster and timetable.
Volume 13 Issue 2 1982
  • "Norwich & Worcester Centennial Celebration" -- Photo essay recalling the N&W Centennial train run on May 18, 1940, with I-5 #1407. 3 pages.
Volume 15 Issue 3 1984
  • "Trolley Stop: The New Haven's Electric Problems" -- Reprint of a January 15, 1904, 'Railroad Gazette' editorial, detailing the current state and problems with the New Haven's various electrified lines, including trolley lines, the Nantasket, MA, branch, the Providence, Warren & Bristol, Norwich - Central Village, CT, Burnside - Vernon - Rockville - Melrose, CT, Middletown - Berlin - Meriden, CT, and New York - Stamford - New Canaan. 3 pages with photos and map.
  • "On the New Haven...Today: 'The Boat Train' Returns" -- Coverage of the Providence & Worcester Railroad's 1984 boat train excursions from Worcester to Providence and New London. 1 page with photos and advertising material.
Volume 16 Issue 2 1985
  • "On the New Haven...Today: P&W, V.R.R. Steam Day" -- Discusses the Providence & Worcester Railroad's 'Valley Railroad Steam Special' April 27, 1985, operated between Worcester and the Valley Railroad in Essex, CT. 1 page with photos (on the Shore Line and at Centerbrook, CT).
Volume 17 Issue 1 1986
  • Rear cover photo of John "Red" Healy, Jr., with RDC 128 at Webster, MA, on 21 July 1966.
Volume 18 Issue 3 1987
  • "Trolley Stop: Trolley Express and Freight Service in Southern New England -- Part I" -- The history of trolley freight and express handled in Connecticut. Includes a discussion of the electrified in-house Ponomah Mills railroad in Taftville, CT, as well as the Groton & Stonington and Norwich & Westerly street railways. 8 pages with photo, timetable and map.
Volume 19 Issue 1 1988
  • "The Circus Comes to Town" -- Photo story of the Ringling Brothers, and Barnum & Bailey circus transported via the New Haven and the Boston & Maine between New York City and the Boston Garden at North Station, circa 1938. New Haven photos are in the Auburn - South Worcester area. 6 pages with photos.
Volume 20 Issue 3 1990
  • "Trolley Stop: Trolley Freight and Express in Southern New England -- Central Massachusetts" -- The story of trolley freight operation on the Worcester Consolidated Street Railway, including the Southbridge and Millbury areas. 5 pages with photos.
Volume 21 Issue 1 1990
  • "Trolley Stop: 'Old Maude' and the Southbridge Line" -- The story of Worcester Consolidated Street Railway express motor #0205, assigned to the isolated operation at Southbridge, MA. 4 pages with photos.
  • "The 150th Anniversary of the Norwich and Worcester Railroad" -- The history of the Groton, CT, to Worcester, MA, line. 11 pages with photos (with some color, including cover photo) and map.
Volume 21 Issue 2 1990
  • "Webster, on the Norwich & Worcester Branch" -- The history of the rail lines serving Webster, MA. 24 pages with photos (some color including the front cover and centerspread) and maps.
  • "The Southern New England -- 'The Old Grand Trunk'" -- The story of the Grand Trunk Railway's planned line between it's subsidiary Central Vermont line in Palmer, MA, and waterfront facilities in Providence, RI. Includes construction photos in Webster and Southbridge. 6 pages with photos and maps.
  • "Trolley Stop: The Street Railways of Webster" -- The history of trolley service in and about Webster, MA. 4 pages with photos and map.
Volume 22 Issue 1 1991
  • "Clear Block Camp -- Lake Chargoggagoggmanchaugagoggchaubunagungamaugg" -- The story of how an old New Haven combine bacme a summer camp along the old Webster branch. 1-1/2 pages with photo.
Volume 22 Issue 2 1991
  • "Riding the Rails in a Diesel Engine on the Worcester to New Haven Run" -- Reprint of a Worcester Sunday Telegram Feature Parade article from May 30, 1948, about the new Alco FA/FB 0400s replacing steam on the New Haven. 4 pages with photos.
Volume 23 Issue 1 1992
  • "Just 20 Years Ago, Jardine Rode on Stolen Locomotive" -- Recalling an accident at Webster, MA, January 3, 1912, involving a stolen locomotive and the Boat Train, as reprinted from the January 2, 1932 edition of the Webster Times. 1 page with photo.
Volume 26 Issue 2 1995
  • Full page B/W photo on the set of "It Happened to Jane" at Plainfield, CT.
Volume 28 Issue 1 1997
  • "Putnam -- Part 1" -- The history of the railroads in and around Putnam, CT. 26 pages, with timetables, map and photos, including covers and color centerspread.
  • "The Putnam Track Pan Debate" -- Short article recounting the question if the first railroad track pans were installed by the New York & New England at Putnam, CT. 2/3 page with photo.
  • "The New Haven in a Movie" -- Bob McKernan remembers the filming of the movie "It Happened to Jane" at, among other locations, the Plainville, CT, diamond. 3 pages with photos.
Volume 28 Issue 2 1997
  • "Putnam -- Part 2" -- The history of the railroads in and around Putnam, CT. 32 pages, with timetables, maps and photos, including covers and color centerspread.
  • "Putnam and Fan Trips" -- Reviews fan trips run in 1952, '53 and '54 via Putnam. 1 page with photos.
Volume 33 Issue 3
  • "Return to Agent -- NY,NH&H RR Co. Putnam, Conn." -- Brief article on freight operations around Putnam, CT in the late 1960s and early 1970s, including Wyckoff Steel, Inc.. 2/3 page.
Volume 35 Issue 2
  • "Toward Steam's Last Bow" -- Tom Curtin tells the story of the Railroad Enthusiasts' round trip steam excurion from Boston's South Station April 27, 1952, with I-4s #1372 and #1388. The two special trains operated South Station - Blackstone - Putnam, CT - Willimantic - Middletown - Cedar Hill - Groton - Plainfield - Providence - South Station. 23 pages with photos and map.
  • "Recollections of 27 April 1952, Sunday" -- Harry Chase recalls riding the April 27, 1952 RRE steam excursion. 4 pages with photos.
  • "Working at S.S. 227 Putnam" -- Edward Deluca discusses several New Haven railroaders who worked at S.S. 227, Putnam, CT, from the 1950s onward. 8 pages with photos.
Volume 40 Issue 1
  • "The Boat Race Trains" -- Marc Frattasio provides a detailed history, including equipment used, of the Harvard-Yale Boat Race trains. The boat races were typically run along the lower Thames River near New London, CT. 16 pages with photos, advertising, timetables and car diagram.


New Haven Mechanical Department Facilities Maps -- Revised Edition

Includes a 1956 map and a photo of the Worcester round house. 2 pages.