Naugatuck Line
(Devon, CT - Waterbury - Winsted)

Shoreliner® Article Index

Volume 10 Issue 2 (Spring) 1979
  • "Trolley Stop: The Torrington Division" -- A short history the Connecticut Company lines in and around Torrington, CT. 16 pages with photos, map and roster.
Volume 11 Issue 2 1980
  • "The Naugatuck Railroad 1849 - 1949 -- Part 1" -- The history of this rail line which ran from Devon Junction via Derby and Waterbury to Winsted, CT. 15 pages with photos and map.
  • "The Watertown and Waterbury Railroad" -- The history of this branch line which connected with the Naugatuck line. 5 pages with photos.
Volume 11 Issue 3 1980
  • "'Naugy' Operations Recalled -- Part 1I" -- Recalling Naugatuck line operations in the 1930s and '40s. 3 pages with photos.
  • "Conductor C.W. Munson -- Last of the 'Naugy' Old Timers" -- Reviews the career of Charles W. Munson, who started on the Naugatuck in 1882 and retired from the New Haven in 1941. 1 page with photo.
  • "Operations on the Naugatuck" -- James O. Ring recalls operations from the 1920s to the 1960s. 4 pages with photos.
  • "The 1955 Floods" -- Discusses the extensive damage to the Naugatuck line during the flooding of 18 - 19 August 1955. 2 pages with photos.
  • "'Naugy' Operations in the 1960s" -- as recalled by Tom Nelligan. 2 pages with photos.
Volume 13 Issue 3 1982
  • "Trolley Stop: The Van DePoele Electric Locomotive and the Derby Horse Railway" -- The story of one of Connecticut's early electric trolley lines. 5 pages with photos.
Volume 14 Issue 2 1983
  • "Trolley Stop: Mike and Ike" -- The history of the Connecticut Company's two unusual Baldwin-Westinghouse steeple cab electric locomotives, #1053 and #1054, which worked in the Waterbury area. 2 pages with photos.
Volume 15 Issue 3 1984
  • Rear cover photo of F-5 #164 westbound with freight between Winsted and Torrington in April of 1948.
Volume 16 Issue 2 1985
  • "Trolley Stop: Waterbury -- Part 2" -- Discusses the history of trolley service in Waterbury, CT, and the Derby route to New Haven. 6 pages with photos, maps and timetable.
Volume 17 Issue 4 1986
  • Front cover photo of a Bridgeport to Waterbury passenger train arriving at S.S. 202 Bank Street with nearly new RS-1 666 in 1948.
  • Inside cover photo of I-2 1327 with trains 157, Hartford - Waterbury - Bridgeport, at Waterbury, circa 1939.
  • "Trolley Stop: Bridgeport to New Haven via Derby" -- Describes Connecticut Company service between the three communities. 10 pages with photos, maps and timetables.
Volume 18 Issue 3 1987
  • "Trolley Stop: Trolley Express and Freight Service in Southern New England -- Part I" -- The history of trolley freight and express handled in Connecticut. 8 pages with photo, timetable and map.
Volume 21 Issue 4 1990
  • "More Than Meets the Eye" -- The story behind a photo showing A-1-a #1284 with Train #456, Bridgeport to Waterbury, as it passed through Platt's Mill in 1939. 1 page.
Volume 22 Issue 2 1991
  • "Bank Street Jct., Waterbury 2nd Trick -- A Fond Remembrance" -- T.J. Donanue's memories of working at the Bank Street Junction tower in Waterbury, CT. 24 pages with photos (some color), maps and drawings. Includes some photos on the Naugatuck line.
Volume 32 Issue 4
  • "Tom's Towers" -- A review of the various towers in which T.J. Donahue operated during the 1940s, '50s and '60s, including Waterbury, CT. 12 pages with color photos.
Volume 33 Issue 3
  • "The Best Laid Plans" -- The story of the New Haven's 62000-62014 series 70-ton covered gondola cars, ordered by the New Haven in the late 1950s to retain and recapture the brass trade in the Waterbury and New Milford, CT, areas. 6 pages with diagram and photos.
Volume 36 Issue 3
  • "Diesels on the Naugatuck Line" -- Casey Cavanaugh presents the story of the new Haven's dieselization of the Naugatuck line. 20 pages with map and photos, mostly color.
Volume 40 Issue 2
  • "Confessions of a Diesel Fireman on the Old New Haven" -- Jack W. Swanberg recalls his years in the 1960s as a New Haven fireman on the Western roster, including some time on the line to Waterbury line. 18 pages with many photos, most in color.


New Haven Mechanical Department Facilities Maps -- Revised Edition


  • Derby and Ansonia, CT (1940 map). 1 page.

  • Waterbury, CT (1956 map). 1 page.